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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

this is it!!!!

mamayang gabi na ang pinakahihintay kung sandali. waaaa... hehehe,,, mag report nako kang sir evangelio... ammmmmm,, expected na maxado kung anong mangyayari... magpa raffle napod c matet sa iyang polvoron na galing pa sa laguna.. tapos ang kunting discussion sa mga reporters,, finale dayon c sir evangelio, according to him, mora daw xa ug nag monologue.. hehehehe... busy kasi kami sa polvoron ni matet. weeee.... nang dahil sayo matet kaya nag monologue si sir... it was just a monologue and it meant nothing.. i never said that you have to read this nonsense message..... nonsense man jud xa. cge daw beh unsa man daw mapulot nyo dri... basta naa lang koy mapost okz na.... hehehehe.. tnx for spending time dito sa aking blog......bleeh


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