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Monday, December 2, 2013

Revisiting Davao

Davao city is not just a place for me. It is already a home. This is not because I was born and raised here but because I feel so secured whenever I am here. I can roam anywhere and anytime I want. the fact is that, security is the main attraction in this city. The good governance and strict implementation of policies of Mayor Rodrigo Roa Duterte are the main reasons why tourists (local/foreign) and investors choose Davao to be their home away from their own home. Last Nov. 26, 2013, I was lucky enough to be chosen as the facilitator for the Lakbay-aral for Stockholders of CARD Bank Inc. I was with 21 nanays (mothers), who were given the privilege to take a two-day vacation where they could relax and enjoy the scenery of the chosen destination.
It was really an honor for me to bring them to my very own Davao.I was so excited knowing that it was their first time to be in the city.they were requesting during the orientation, to bring them to beautiful places in Davao for them to experience how it feels to be in this city.
Upon arrival in Francisco Bangoy International Airport in Davao, a personnel from Microtel, a luxury hotel situated in Damosa, Lanang,welcomed us and gave us a ride to the hotel. few minutes after disembarking our baggages, the tour started..

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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Eden Nature Park

Eden, pronounced as [idεn]--- as it is shortly called--- has been developed years back but not everybody within and outside Davao City has gone to the place. It is not found in the heart of the city but people endure the distance only to experience the wonders of the place. …and I must say that reaching the place is worth the journey. Going to the place takes time but the view heading there is already exhilarating. Even with the rays of the sun, it is ironic at the same time amazing how the place feels so cold. Upon reaching the park, one has to pay for the entrance fee. They have a lot of choices for their guests--- if one wants to stay overnight, cottages are available, if one wants to spend the entire day in the park, there is a buffet for lunch. Foreigners who visit the place can drop by at the souvenir shop where they can buy Filipino made products such as T-shirts, hats, accessories, bags and other Filipino traditional products. Aside from that, the place offers different spots where people can explore and feel the nature at its finest. To make the journey easier, customers are given maps upon paying the entrance fee (maps are only helpful if you know how to read one haha).
The dining area where people gather to eat snacks, lunch or dinner is the cleanest. It is mirror-walled and even from inside, one can still see the green surrounding. One amazing fact about the restaurant is that the vegetables served are harvested from the park’s garden---- tomatoes, cucumber, lettuce, onion, cauliflower, cabbage and many more. Green, fresh, delicious, just try to imagine. The food is just so inviting.
One of the attractions that welcome the guests is the roaming peacock. People just can’t help but take pictures of it while displaying its elegance.
Guests can enjoy the place on foot or through the aid of a park’s cab with a tourist guide on it. Among the spots that are especially illustrated in the map are: Butterfy garden—where you can actually see butterflies of different sizes, colors and varieties. You can maximize your time there just “catching butterflies”, as what an idiom explains.. ; there is also this rainbow garden as if you are just like entering a paradise of fairies; the vegetable garden is just so amazing. Once you go right there, you would surely feel like you own the entire area..; another most interesting thing about the park is that while you are on your way, you can hear gongs and cultural music from afar, inviting you to come and visit the “Tinubdan”, it is a showcase of Filipino ethnic groups and there are youngsters who are really performing when visitors gather. It’s very refreshing.
That just that. One can also do ziplining, horse back riding and a lot more.
When the world seems so crazy and crowded, there is still a place where you can experience solitude at its finest. Go and try Eden. If you have gone there, perhaps, it’s high time to go back and savor the taste of nature. See you there!

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McDonalds: Why do I still Say “Love Ko TO”?

French fries. Fried Chicken. Burger. Coke Float. Nuggets. Ice Cream. Spaghetti. These are just among the common found served in McDonalds (of all branches). Even with the new existing restaurants, pizza houses and fast food chains, people still embrace its tag line “LOVE KO TO”.
Why do I still love Mcdo? Generally, why do people still love it? Simple: it is a place for everybody. You can just get inside to wait for someone, to study or to prepare for reports, to avail internet connection or to go the toilet. All these can be done without an order. Such a place! Seriously, the place is really for people of different walks in life. For kids, couples who fight and make up, friends who are just bored at home or at school. Moreover, most busy people opt to drop by at McDO whenever they feel like eating quickly; it doesn’t take much time to wait for the order. Foods are affordable and you can stay there even if you have finished eating what you have ordered. McDo (as most Filipinos call it) is undeniably becoming a part of the Filipinos’ system. It is open 24/7, it has DriveThru, it has an area for kids to play and also it hosts special occasions especially kid’s birthday parties. Moreover, it is accessible. It has branches almost everywhere. When one’s busy or when one feels so lazy, McDonald’s a place to be. Keep loving

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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Outback Grill~ You’ll Keep Coming BACK

This restaurant is such as discovery. I first visited the place when I was invited by my officemates. Since then, I keep coming back, too and this time, with my line of friends. It is not located in the city proper yet it’s incredible how people flock in this place after a day’s work. It is an open place, that is, you can see the view from the street, you can feel the fresh air yet you will never be disturbed by the presence of any public vehicle. It is located somewhere in El Rio Bacaca and opens from 6:00 pm onwards. The restaurant carries with it an image of a house in the middle of the forest. It is like a home in the middle of the jungle and its owner, Mr. Cross, an American owner (I must say that he’s an American by citizenship and a Filipino at heart) is accommodating enough to welcome the customers, talk to them casually as though long time friends. The place is actually a sum of Western and Filipino cultures. The crew wears a uniform in the jungle, like that of cowboys, making them more pleasing to the eyes. The place also has an area for customers to take pictures while waiting. There is also a huge frame that fit people for picture taking purposes. If it’s your birthday, be ready to be overwhelmed by a unique greeting from the crew. They come to your table surprisingly, sing you a birthday song as loud as their voices permit them, make noises to tell the world someone is actually celebrating right there plus you will be taken a picture with the entire singing crew. Sounds too much? The place also has a stage where a band performs. While waiting for the orders or while eating, you will be entertained by the songs played and the highlight of it is that there is a 15-minute fire dance show. The group of the fire dancers is composed of men; people just can’t help but top eating to take pictures of them or just watch them. Mr. Cross’ place is jam-packed especially on weekends. Families, group of friends, couples, officemates, classmates and the like have an extension place for the chitchats and for making up while dining. Even when tables are all occupied, making reservations isn’t a bore since the place itself is already an entertainment other than those it can provide. The place also offers a one of a kind goliath burger, bigger than you can imagine. This is good for 8 people and if you can finish eating it in a minute or less, you don’t have to pay for it, yes, it’s now free given the condition, and you’ll get a free goliath shirt plus your picture will be posted on outback wall of fame. Now, how’s that? Even with all its amenities, don’t be deceived. The place is honestly clean, elegant and expensive-looking but it is unbelievably affordable. You won’t regret after enjoying everything about the place. The place is truly welcoming. It is indeed costumer friendly---- friendly to our wallets and pockets. Try once. Trust me, you’ll keep coming back.

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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

TYPHOON PABLO... the unexpected visitor

He was Serious Typhoon was just a word until it has proven its meaning. It was an ordinary Monday—the weather was gloomy but nobody thought of it as a warning of any calamity. Yes, people were warned; classes were even suspended. It was funny to think though that the suspension of classes did not convince the people to be prepared instead it was like an early Christmas gift for everybody, that would enable them to rest, play and go around the town. Little did we realize that we would stumble on the old cliché “Too much happiness has a corresponding extreme sadness”. It was Monday night and it suddenly rained. People thought of it as just the normal rain, like any other rainy days. People walking along the streets are still visible, of course with their umbrellas on. It was on the dawn of Tuesday, December 4, 2012, when everyone else felt that something wrong was going on. It was then that I, personally, realized thatTyphoon Pablo was real and was really worst. The wind struck the roofs of the houses like a drunk husband attacking his wife and the other man while catching them both in the bed supposedly shared only by the couple. It was so strong that it threatened everybody. I could hear the wind roaring. It seemed like having a voice of its own, telling everybody how angry and hungry he was. It was still dawn and dark. I was just inside my room, received text messages from friends asking everybody to pray for our safety. I was inside my room wondering what was actually happening outside without knowing that so many people were already leaving their houses, walking in the middle of nowhere in a hopeful search of a safe refuge. I couldn’t imagine how they manage to walk while it was possible for them to be hit by any “flying objects”, or worse, by the trees that were already cut by Pablo’s bare hands. It’s indeed true, one would never consider possibilities like that when one is thinking to survive. At 4:00 in the morning, I have received text messages from friends informing me that they lost their houses; some just lost their roofs. I couldn’t imagine not until the morning came---when things were already visible. I could hardly believe my eyes. All of the houses in my neighborhood were damaged; some partially while majority was totally wrecked. The fruit trees surrounding our house left only a little trace of their existence. The people were seemingly busy but actually, what they were doing was just staring at their houses, trying to figure out how to rebuild their “comfort zones” but didn’t know how and where to start. Looking through the entire place, I could see sadness. It was still raining and yes, it was really raining emotions of different kinds--- fear, disappointment, regrets, sadness but gratefulness was also counted. There were so many “what might have beens” and “what ifs”. For so many, it was too late, but for some, there was still time. What we have just seen in the television has just happened to us. Now I know how it really feels like. Pablo did not only eat the products and the houses but he has proven himself a carnivore—so many lives were lost, so many dreams were not achieved and so many people mourned over lost lives. When I have totally absorbed the situation, I came to realize that the world had stopped turning. People seemed to just stay where they were, looking blankly at the devastations, looking painfully at what used to be. The place was dead at the moment… I was wondering how would it get back to life. How we wish it had never occurred, life might still be the same. However we couldn’t change a thing, we just had to accept it. I have read Paulo Coelho's “The Fifth Mountain” and some lines were very substantial. “ We cannot avoid the unavoidable. Yet these are only temporary. What is permanent is the learning that we got from there.” It’s true. We don’t have the control over everything. But, everything happens for a purpose. And not moment though, not everybody could filter the reason and the l earning because the pain it cause the people was very overwhelming. Pablo was not joking, he was dead serious. Super typhoon Pablo was an unexpected visitor. He brought something for us to be served on the table--- positivity, courage, and hope. His visit was surprisingly painful but it strengthens people’s faith in God. It was more than an experience, it was really life-changing. Life goes on. Life is still wonderful. We still have so many reasons to praise God. We are alive. Hooray!

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Friday, June 1, 2012


another partnership made by two big institutions in their own field of expertise. >CARD MRI is known as the first and the biggest MICROFINANCE company in the Philippines. BROKENSHIRE COLLEGE on the other hand, is said to be the first college to established a nursing school in Davao city. with the vision to lessen unemployment rate In our country, these two institutions created the E to E system or Enrolment to Employment system. since CARD's major activity focuses on microfinance, they recommend the school to offer a course related to the company.. and this was the birth of BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION major in MICROFINANCE. this is the first microfinance course in the country and Brokenshire college was the first to offer this.. students who will graduate in this course will surely get his first job with CARD MRI, though they are not really oblige to work with this company.. during the soft opening of CARD MRI DEVELOPMENT INSTITUTE (CMDI) TAGUM CAMPUS, the BIG BOSSES of the above mentioned institutions were there. as Dr. Jaime Aristotle B. Alip, founding chairman of CARD MRI, delivered his speech, he asked Rev. Leopoldo R. Naive, Brokenshire's President to offer Bachelor of science in Pharmacy. he gave an assurance to absorb all their graduates in this course since CARD has its own pharmacy called BOTICARD. another great opportunities brought by the two most promising institutions. congratulations to Boss Alip and Rev. Naive...

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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

@ 25 years of existence

age is just a number and young is an attitude.. yesterday i celebrated my 25th year of existence.. heheh.. until now i can't believe na 25 na aku... waaaaaaaaaaaaaaatttttt? nooo??????? pero sabi nga nila, growing older is a sign of progress.. well kung ganun,, okay nalang. heeheh.. happy birthday to me..

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Sunday, September 25, 2011

enchanting place in surigao del sur

this trip was not really in plan.. my mom texted me that they are going to have a trip somewhere in SURIGAO.. Since alam ko na a lot of beautiful places in SURIGAO na nafeature sa television kaya without a second thought i said "yes".. it was 7 hours road travel from Davao.. pero masaya kasi maraming magagandang tanawin habang nasa sasakyan.. first destination we had was the ENCHANTED RIVER

it has a blue-green brackish water..mas maappreciate mo sya pag may goggles ka para makita mo ang ilalim nito. habang nasa ibabaw ka lumalangoy sa baba naman may ibat ibang klase ng isda na lumalangoy.. and the reason why it is called "enchanted river" dahil evry 12 noon, kapag nag ring na ang bell lumalabas ang mga malalaking isda para kakain.. you will really amaze and for sure itatanong mo kung saan sila galing at bakit sila lumalabas kapag nag riring na ang bell..

second destination was tinuy an falls. tinuy an is a bisayan term for "sadya".. sasadyain mo talaga syang puntahan dahil sa sobrang layo.. pero worth it naman.. kung ganito ba kaganda ang madadatnan mo..

. may five layer-falls na pwede mong puntahan.. so far ito ang pinakamagandang falls na napuntahan ko..

and final destination namin ay ang doll house.. kaya sya tinawag na doll house kasi sa loob ng isang bahay maraming collection ng ibat ibang klase ng manika,... pero bago mo sya marating kelangan mo munang dumaan at umakyat sa 100 steps na hagdanan tulad nito..

nakakapagod pero sulit.. if you are planning to go somewhere for a vacation,, try to consider surigao del sur.. it's really amazing and for sure,, sulit...

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Saturday, May 21, 2011

in the name of love

the PHILIPPINE CINEMA has just evolved into a more mature and yet wholesome approach of masterpiece. i was so confused of what the movie is all about. my friend was always inviting me to watch this movie for two major reasons. first, you will be surprised of the twist and turns of the movie and second, you will surely surprise of ANGEL LOCSIN and AGA MULACH'S performance.. angel was so daring and sexy so as aga. but since these 2 people are known as highly respected actors of Philippine show business, still the movie looks suitable to any generation who would love to watch it. STAR CINEMA never limits their capacity to make such good movies like this. two thumbs up!!!!!!

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Friday, April 29, 2011

IPAD giveaway contest

i hope this will work.. hehehe.. i am so grateful that SHERWEB is sponsoring this IPAD giveaway.. thanks also to JEHZEEL for giving all of us the chance to own an IPAD for free..


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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

my one week CMDI experienced

i spent one week training at CARD MRI DEVELOPMENT INSTITUTE (CMDI), the one and only training center for microfinance in the country and asia.. wow proud to be a CARDian.. our training was actually not just a training. it was a realization of what CARD is all about. a wake up call on our duties and responsibilities as staff and a bit of personality development. it was such an honor and privilege to be chosen as one of those who want to undergo training. this is a preparatory stage for higher responsibilities as front liner of the institution. our two-day in house training and review was awesome.. it was challenging and nerve wrecking stage. we had our discussions and after every topic we had a short exam.. it really freaked me out.. my hands were shaking, and i didn't even enjoy our meal.. that was really challenging.

the rest of the days were spent on field. i was assigned in TIAONG 4 unit, DOLORES branch. i was lucky enough to be assigned in that unit because the staff were cool and approachable.. especially their unit manager Ma'am Macky. i forgot to take pictures with them as a souvenir.. tsk tsk.. but i was able to thank them for their warm welcome and being so supportive..

it was indeed a fruitful week to all of us who had undergone a one week UM READY TO GO TRAINING.. everyone passed the exam and of course,, me and ate ninia got the two highest spots.. heheheeh.. congrats to all of us.. happy reading

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Monday, February 28, 2011

what's in the st. giles hotel?

i don't know how to give a review on a place where i considered myself as stranger. well let's see.. this is just based on what we experienced during our two-day vacation at Makati city.

i was with my friends last February 25-27 in makati to take a short vacay. we asked an assistance from our friend JEHZLAU para mag guide sa amin since we are totally strangers from that place. unang kinonsider ni JEHZ yung tutuluyan namin. sabi nya maganda daw sa ST. GILES HOTEL kasi okay yung accommodation. it is located at the center of the city where everything is accessible. when we reached the hotel after a few minutes ride from the airport, we were astonished on the beauty of lights in the city.. pag pasok namin sa hotel, napaka relaxing ng ambiance sa lobby. wala masyadong arte ang mga corners. it looks simple yet elegant. sa elevator naman, natutuwa kami sa pag gamit ng blue card na itap lang sa laser device para umandar.. ang saya.. heheheh..

sa rooms naman, although maliit lang sya pero maximize lahat ng space. maliit and refreshing pa with white covered bed and fully air condition rooms. may cable flat screen television pa.. everything is perfect. sa 2nd floor naman, kung saan pwede kang kumain, perfect yung food nila. ang sarap and very organized yung setting. hindi kalat. sayang nga lang at hindi namin nagamit ang pool and gym nila located at 35th floor..

nung umalis na kami, parang we don't wanna leave yet.. nakakamiss yung place... parang gusto ko ng tumira doon for the rest of my life.. hahahahha

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Sunday, February 13, 2011

how popular is jehzeel laurente?

JEHZEEL LAURENTE-was once a student in a public school who preferred to eat papers and towels than snacks during recess time.. well those were the days.. talking about popularity,, i guess he was born to be a celebrity.. during our high school days, he was already popular because among the students, he was the only one who has a fair white skin.. the rest,, hmm,, brown.. lol... he caught the attention of most our teachers when he presented his own version of solar system.. it was really nice and fascinating.. since then, sinubaybayan na siya.. he was also our STUDENT SUPREME GOV'T president.. he won over me.. huhuhu.. so sad.. heheheh... he became our batch salutatorian and bagged most of the awards during our graduation..

when we were in college, naging DOST president sya for the whole davao region and graduated with flying colors... simula noon,, marami na syang followers sa friendster, facebook, twitter at blog.. kaya gumawa ako ng entry na 'to kasi i just read an ARTICLE na featured siya.. ganoon na sya talaga kasikat.. whew... i could really say na at his very young age,, millionaire na sya.. wooohhhh... kaya minsan umuwi sya dito sa davao,, nilibre nya lahat kaming mga friends nya.. hehehehe,,.. pero yun nga too busy sa kanyang mga ginagawa... did i answer my own question? hmmmmm

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happy yepey yehey launching

last saturday ABS-CBN's newest noontime show was finally launched.. as expected it was star studded and "bongga".. hehehe.. syempre hindi mawawala ang mga games and gimik... gusto ko yung ONE TIME BIG TIME nila na medyo hango sa MINUTE TO WIN IT and yung IKAW ANG BIDA.. hope that they could sustain their energy and their chemistry.. kasi yun ang nagdadala sa programa.. congrats to ABS-CBN and their newest noontime show.... i am so really happy and it really makes me yepey that's why ako ay napapa yehey...heheheh

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Saturday, December 4, 2010

jeepney family story

pauwi na ako ng bahay namin ng may sumakay na magpamilya (father, mother, 3 year-old boy, and a 1 year old kid).. may dalang pet na isda ang nakatatandang anak. "daddy, ang cute ng isda oh".. sabi ng ama "oo.. pero wag mo masyadong higpitan ng hawak ang plastic at baka di makahinga".. habang kinukulit ng ama ang bata,, lahat kaming nakasakay ay napatingin sa kanila.. nakaka aliw kasi.. tapos nagpa flashback din sa akin ang aking kabataan.. nung iniinis ka ng ama mo sabay lambing.. tapos nun,, habang nakatingin kami sa kanila, biglang sinabi ng ama, " di ba masarap yan?" sabi ng bata " oo".. "gusto mo, lagyan nating ng asin, kamatis at sabaw" sabi ng ama.. "cge po daddy", inosenteng sagot ng bata.. "tapos,, sisipsipin mo ang mata ng isda ha" biro ng ama... "ha? ayaw ko pa.. kawawa po ang isda" sabay sumbong sa kanyang ina... napatawa nalang kami sa naging reakksyon ng bata.. yun bang feeling helpless.. heheeh.. sabi ng mama nya "ay hindi naman yan nakakain.. kaya di sya pwedeng lutuin"... "eh diba nag ihaw tayo ng isda kahapon. tapos kinain mo ang mata ng isda at sarap na sarap ka pa nga" sabi ulit ng ama.. napatango lang ang bata.. "so, mamaya lagyan natin ng asin yang isda mo ha, tapos sibuyas at kamatis" sagot naman ng inosenteng bata, "tsaka po lagyan natin ng sabaw".. tawanan kami lahat sa jeep... tapos mayamaya pa ay bumaba na sila... hahahahaha

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