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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Now i can feel my existence

i was suffering for two nights of high fever and decided to have a half-day leave from work. just this morning, i decided to go back from work though i felt dizzy and a bit uncomfortable due to headache. pero sayang yung leave credits eh. and when i reported to the office, i was so shocked when everybody, including the regional head and area manager asked my health condition. " oh moimoi, how are you? what happened to you last night? are you sure you're okay now?" these are just some of their questions when i entered the office. to my surprise, i just nod and smiled. then i realized, whaw,, they are soooo concerned.. i mean, i've never felt that way before.. just to check me if im okay, they really touched my forehead and neck if my fever got low.. i am so blessed with the people who really give value to my presence..


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