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Monday, February 22, 2010

alternative medicine for sore eyes

it was just yesterday, i almost have sore eyes due to, perhaps our present climate condition.. it has been said that too much exposure of your eyes without any device protection can cause sore eyes. i was really afraid then because i don't want to absent from my work because of this stupid virus.. huhuuhu.. to somehow ease the the sore of my left eye, i looked for a grass or shall i call it herbal plant that my mom usually gave when i was a kid.. this plant is commonly known as "tawa-tawa".. it is also effective to those who suffered from dengue virus. you just have to boil on water for about 5 minutes and drink its extract juice.. but for sore eyes, you just have to cut its stem until a white extract comes out from the stem.. tama ba? heeheh.. basta,, then put atleast 2 drops of that extract to the affected part of your eye and that's it.. after an hour, the redness of your eye will be cured.. proven and tested by me... hehehee

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