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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Outback Grill~ You’ll Keep Coming BACK

This restaurant is such as discovery. I first visited the place when I was invited by my officemates. Since then, I keep coming back, too and this time, with my line of friends. It is not located in the city proper yet it’s incredible how people flock in this place after a day’s work. It is an open place, that is, you can see the view from the street, you can feel the fresh air yet you will never be disturbed by the presence of any public vehicle. It is located somewhere in El Rio Bacaca and opens from 6:00 pm onwards. The restaurant carries with it an image of a house in the middle of the forest. It is like a home in the middle of the jungle and its owner, Mr. Cross, an American owner (I must say that he’s an American by citizenship and a Filipino at heart) is accommodating enough to welcome the customers, talk to them casually as though long time friends. The place is actually a sum of Western and Filipino cultures. The crew wears a uniform in the jungle, like that of cowboys, making them more pleasing to the eyes. The place also has an area for customers to take pictures while waiting. There is also a huge frame that fit people for picture taking purposes. If it’s your birthday, be ready to be overwhelmed by a unique greeting from the crew. They come to your table surprisingly, sing you a birthday song as loud as their voices permit them, make noises to tell the world someone is actually celebrating right there plus you will be taken a picture with the entire singing crew. Sounds too much? The place also has a stage where a band performs. While waiting for the orders or while eating, you will be entertained by the songs played and the highlight of it is that there is a 15-minute fire dance show. The group of the fire dancers is composed of men; people just can’t help but top eating to take pictures of them or just watch them. Mr. Cross’ place is jam-packed especially on weekends. Families, group of friends, couples, officemates, classmates and the like have an extension place for the chitchats and for making up while dining. Even when tables are all occupied, making reservations isn’t a bore since the place itself is already an entertainment other than those it can provide. The place also offers a one of a kind goliath burger, bigger than you can imagine. This is good for 8 people and if you can finish eating it in a minute or less, you don’t have to pay for it, yes, it’s now free given the condition, and you’ll get a free goliath shirt plus your picture will be posted on outback wall of fame. Now, how’s that? Even with all its amenities, don’t be deceived. The place is honestly clean, elegant and expensive-looking but it is unbelievably affordable. You won’t regret after enjoying everything about the place. The place is truly welcoming. It is indeed costumer friendly---- friendly to our wallets and pockets. Try once. Trust me, you’ll keep coming back.

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