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Sunday, January 27, 2008

weekend evaluation

for the whole week, i never posted anything in my blog... poor one.. But then i try to recall what was happening last week..

We started to occupy the BUCANA unit. Since we belong to one of the newest units in CARD BANK, we started to buy new supplies para makapag start na kami for our operation. I and zsalyn attended the fellowship at IVCF obrero unit. At long last, naka attend rin ako. I really missed their company. hehehe.. Kahilak pod ko..

Conducted center meeting in SAVINA center. Newly opened center with three (3) members only.. tsk tsk tsk.... maaga kaming natapos nyan.. heheheh.. ~___~...

Friendship DAY.... hehehe.. While conducting orientation and interview, unexpectedly, one of the applicants pala ay relative ng aming family friends in STA. MARIA DAvao del SUr.. hehehe.. And when we went to NCCC uyanguren, I met Robelyn LAmbino, schoolmate and family friend din namin.. while talking to her, a cashier called my attention. SAbi nya, "Diba kaw ung applicant for scholarship noon sa holycross of davao college?" I paused for a while and suddenly..... "ai, ikaw yung scholar sa holycross diba? yung senior scholar?" Then she tried to utter my name.. "diba ikaw c marwin?" huwaaaaaaaaw... natandaan pa nya name ko.. hehehe.. pero di ko na tanda name nya.. I tried to check her ID, si ate maricar pala sya. hehehe. I was a trainee for scholar before in Holy Cross of davao college. unfortunately, hehehe,, hindi ako natangap..(T_T).natuwa pa namn ako kasi nakapasa ako sa kanilang exam.. tsk tsk tsk...kaya nag USEP nalang ako.. ^_^.. paglabas namin, nakita ko s maya.. classmate ng sistah ko. heheh

HULI AKO NI MA"AM!!!! after lunch, i went to victoria plaza just to see my mother.. wala lang. i just missed her.. pag uwi ko sa staff house, maya maya pa, nadat nan ako ni mam che. Reg'l head namin. Bawal kasi mag stand by sa staff house. pero may hinatid lang kasi ako nun.. huhuhu.. she asked me why i'm still there at that time.. sabi ko,, may hinatid lang po ako ma'am.. huhuhu..

wow day.. while strolling in bucana area, we saw a big big.. ammm.. ano ngaba english ng "PAGI" hehehehe.. nakalimutan ko ehh... hhee.. basta yun yun.. ang laki at ang langsa.. eeewwww.. hehehe..

Wedding day>.... kasal ng aming high school friend na si VAnessa Pombo.. DAmi sanang food kaya lang,, dami rin tao.. i failed to take lunch in the reception area.. huhu

MIss you day... As i left at home, i felt the loneliness and emptiness of my life.. char char... Im gonna miss my mom.. huhuhuu...



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