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Friday, December 21, 2007

hate it again!

first tym in my entire life to confiscate other's property.. for me, that was a traumatic experience. i don't want it to happen again.. perhaps, that was their punishment of not paying their debt.. pero hirap pala.. i can't really imagine myself na malagay sa ganung situation.. cguro, considering the policy of our company, pero hirap talaga.. while i was carrying their television, i really felt sorry to them. i realized how helpless they were. sana sa mga centers na aking hinahawakan ngayon, walang pasaway para hindi na maulit ang ganitong problema..

pero wanna thank my Roston center for inviting us in their xmas party. we were enjoying the food and their games. wanna say thank you to ate Rose and company for letting me feel that i am special.. hehehe.. keep the flame burning guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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