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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Poll survey.....

am,, since i don't have any updates, just wanna know your favorite stuffs through this simple survey... this time, wanna know your top five favorite love songs. songs that really inspire you or songs that in an instant you could think of your crushes...

top 5: never had a dream come true ( S-club 7)
during my high school days... hehehe.. sino kaya yun?

top 4: all or nothing (O-town)
it simply reminds me of my bestfriend

top 3: only love (trademark)
high school years din ito.. this song was intriduced to me by my brother.. kinda confused with the lyrics.. kasi it was handed to me in a hand written form.. and the lyrics is "2 a.m and he rain is falling".. i thought it was "i a.m and te rain is falling". hahahahaha

top 2: everytime (A1)
this group really rocks my world with their gentle heart-tearing songs.. hahahaha.. i was so depressed that time when this song was played on the radio... not with girls but with grades.. hahahaha.. got one mistake in our exam... grrrrrrrrrrrrr...

top 1: crazy for this girl (Evan and Jaron)
oh my HEARTY.. theme song namin ni heart,,,.... hahahaha

you can submit your entry through comments if you want.. eheheheh