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Thursday, June 26, 2008

im coming back...

it's almost a month when i had my last update on my blog.. grrrr.. i tried so many times but failed to make a post.. for almost a month, i have so many stories to tell.. first, i was a riot victim.. harharhar.. i was actually looking for a food somewhere in BUCANA DAvao city for a snack.. suddenly, i felt something that hits my leg..when i turned my head on my back, i saw group of teenagers throwing stones against each other.. at first, i thought it was just nothing. but few minutes later, i felt the pain and was traumatized by what had happened. second, for the first time in my entire life, i was in a jail............. yeah,, in a jail..... to visit my member who commited a violation of selling illegal drugs.. again, i was traumatized due to the strictness of the security.. i was forced to visit her to hand her resignation letter to formally resign her from the group.. in short, she's no longer a CARD member.. hehehe.. pero kawawa po talaga sya... third, i was invited in my bestfriend's wedding as one of the groom's men.. i thought she won't invite us.. but she did.. hehehe.. i am running out of words already on how to express my thoughts.. nyahhahaha..



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