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Sunday, February 15, 2009

movie review

oh no, wanna try this one. this is my very first time to make a review based on the movie that i recently watched. last february 14, since we agreed on a group date, we opted to watch a movie first before having a gimik somewhere in torres st. we decided to watch "when i met you" which starred KC CONCEPTION AND RICHARD GUTTIERREZ. do i spelled it right?

the movie was about how love works in two individuals who are trying to make things right in a wrong time. tama ba? hahaha. basta, si benjie (richard) is a pilot and love interest of tracy na isang business woman. at first their relationship eh okay pa pero, everything changes when jenny (kc) was invited in a beach wedding sa palawan. mangyari kasi, since papunta rin naman ng palawan si benjie for the said wedding, pinasabay nalang si jenny. pero, as usual, pinoy talaga, late dumating si jenny kaya seaplane ang kanilang sinakyan. tapos pag pinoy movie, away-away kahit di pa masyadong kakilala kasi daw late dumating. and suddenly, may problema sa engine ng plane kaya nag emergency landing. natrap sa isang island ang dalawa. again, pag pinoy movie,, mag aaway kaagad. magsisihan para makabuo ng kilig factor sa audience. tapos may mag beg for some help. tapos may rescue team na dumating. doon na nagsimula ang kanilang lihim na pagtingin. hahaha.. pero the best part sa movie eh yung sa grocery store na muntik ng mag abot si benjie, tracy, jenny and albert (alfred vargas). and the predictable scene basta pinoy, yung sa airport. just watch the movie para makarelate kayo. hehehe

sa acting ability naman, well i have nothing to say but great. sa character ni benjie, natural na kay richard na ganun. yung maypagka antipatiko, maangas ang dating at medyo palaban. but im not saying na ganun talaga sya. baka aawayin ako ni tita annabelle nito. heheheh.. sa character ni jenny, okay naman kaya lang medyo hindi bagay kay KC. may pagka jologs kasi si jenny. si kc, kahit anong pajologs ang gawin, lalabas pa rin ang pagka elegante nya. the way she talked and moved sa movie. kay tracy, it was a revelation to me. kasi i thought iya could only do pa tweetums role. pero dito sa movie, daring ang kanyang role and obsessed kay benjie. kay albert, bagay din kay alfred yung role.

as a whole, the movie was good and entertaining. hehehe..



Anonymous Pinay Mommy said...

I am not really fond of watching tagalog movies nowadays. I felt that the legacy Lino Broca left is lost. As for KC Conception, I don't like the way she acts. I think she is a better model than an actress. I like Sarah Geronimo better because she is so natural.

Anyway, thanks for visiting my blog. Hope you had a grand time reading my posts.

God bless.

February 23, 2009 at 3:01 PM  
Blogger moimoi said...

yup,, i agree pinay mommy.. hehehe.. sarah acts naturally than kc.. hehehe..tnx for the visit mom

February 26, 2009 at 11:06 PM  
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