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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

blogging for a cause

i miss assignments, projects, exams, quizzes and everything about school. and i feel the need to innovate, that's why i'm planning to proceed to the next level of education. sana nga matuloy. my friends and i are about to enroll in the master's degree in business administration this coming may. para kasing kinakalawang na ang aming mga utak.. hehehe.. pero ang problema, wala pa akong savings para sa tuition fee.. ewan ko ba saan napupunta yung sahod ko.. grrrrr.. nagbabaka sakali lang ako na thru blogging, i could earn money for my enrolment.. hehehe.. parang fund raising ko.. hahha.. at ang theme, "enrolment for moimoi's betterment".. hahahaha..

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