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Sunday, December 1, 2013

McDonalds: Why do I still Say “Love Ko TO”?

French fries. Fried Chicken. Burger. Coke Float. Nuggets. Ice Cream. Spaghetti. These are just among the common found served in McDonalds (of all branches). Even with the new existing restaurants, pizza houses and fast food chains, people still embrace its tag line “LOVE KO TO”.
Why do I still love Mcdo? Generally, why do people still love it? Simple: it is a place for everybody. You can just get inside to wait for someone, to study or to prepare for reports, to avail internet connection or to go the toilet. All these can be done without an order. Such a place! Seriously, the place is really for people of different walks in life. For kids, couples who fight and make up, friends who are just bored at home or at school. Moreover, most busy people opt to drop by at McDO whenever they feel like eating quickly; it doesn’t take much time to wait for the order. Foods are affordable and you can stay there even if you have finished eating what you have ordered. McDo (as most Filipinos call it) is undeniably becoming a part of the Filipinos’ system. It is open 24/7, it has DriveThru, it has an area for kids to play and also it hosts special occasions especially kid’s birthday parties. Moreover, it is accessible. It has branches almost everywhere. When one’s busy or when one feels so lazy, McDonald’s a place to be. Keep loving

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