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Thursday, August 16, 2007

how i wish

bawi ako today.. since yesterday,, i was so emotional,,i'll try to make a unique post today.. heheheh.. i was not really feeling well kahapon kaya yun yung naipost ko.. ok.. ammm,, i do have wishes in my life.. of course you do have too. if only,, all things are possible then here's a list of my activities.

  • fly up in the sky == eversince,, i really wanted to fly like a bird in a blue wide sky using no gadgets.. i mean,, like superman.. hehehe. i just wanna experience to be on top of the world.. hhehehe
  • swim the depth of the ocean== i want to explore the under world.. just wanna know what are the living creatures and are there any hidden treasures in it.?
  • spend time in beach== i wanna be alone just for 1 day and 1 night in a beach.. sleeping and smelling the fresh air from somewhere...
  • date with heart evangelista== oh my,, how i wish i could invite her for a date. she is really my ultimate crush.. she's so beautiful, smart, and nice..
  • face to face with paris hilton==another crush of mine but not as special as heart.. hehehehe..
  • pose in a camera,, half naked==wala lang.. just wanna try to pose in a camera wearing only ***************************.... hehehheehe..
  • build my own charitable institution== kahit papano worthwhile yung stay ko dito sa earth if i could help others.. especially the needy people like me... hehehhehe.. and what in the world am i talking about??? hehehhe

if only things are possible,, pero hindi eh.. humans have limitations...



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