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Monday, April 21, 2008


CWE stands for CREDIT WITH EDUCATION. our company offers not just loan privilege but education as well. since our clients are women, we are promoting women empowerment to somehow build their confidence and leadership traits. it is not the amount of loan that matters, but their willingness to learn and discover something about the company, policy and most importantly, social awareness. our company is considered as social entrepreneurship since we are engaged in some social activities,,, as what i have mentioned earlier-----WOMEN EMPOWERMENT! during their meetings, we are conducting lectures to educate them.. it's a fact that mostly, mothers are not exposed to the real world. their lives evolve on household chores and yeah,, up to that activity only.. hehehe.. through the help of C.W.E, they will gain knowledge and build camaraderie among other women. thus, it builds their confidence to interact with other people..



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