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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

hurry to the frugal minds.....

last june 21, 2008, we were celebrating our first alumni homecoming in economics department,at USEP.. the theme was "Masque of the frugal Mind"..we were considered as frugal because,, simply because,,, sorry but can't share it with you guys.. hehehe.. we had fun and kinda not satisfied with the food.. hehehe.. sorry guys. but we appreciated the effort of BS Economics undergrad. especially 2nd year students for giving their time and for entertaining us. we really had fun.. swear... hehehe.. at sa mga hindi nakarating,, sayang... but we're lookimg forward for more homecomings to come.. for more get together parties to come.. i just wish Rachelle Bayot who just broke up with her Boyfriend, Gerald Luwardo, to move on and enjoy the gift of singleness.. hehehe



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