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Monday, May 4, 2009

unbelievable PACMAN!!!!

i was really wowed having been heard about pacman's victory over hatton!!!.. the mexican killer now has a new victim.. fresh all the way from UK.. hehehe.. susyal talaga si pacman.. you know, knowing pacman, parati nalang "you know"..pero don't you know na sobrang yaman na nito dahil sa mga suntok ng kalaban na walang panama sa kanyang katawan.. hahahaha.. grabeh,, he is really a legend.. after dela hoya, na akalako eh syang tatalo kay pacman, british boxing superstar naman ang sumunod.. wala pa rin.. alam nyo ba ang sekreto nya? kung di pa,, manood kayo ng tv,, makikita nyo ang kanyang advertisement ng iba't ibang products.. yan ang secrets nya.. hehehe.. sobrang galing lang talaga ni pacman. sana he wouldn't go for polotics... it will just ruin his reputation.. if he really wants to help then, he could build his own charitable institution kung gugustuhin lang talaga nya dba.. hehehe..opinion ko lang naman... peace!

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