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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

how does microfinance work?

ever since, i don't have any idea what microfinace is all about. i don't even recognized the existence of this institution.. then the time has come to finally dig up the world of microfinance. it helps a lot especially to our fellow men who strive hard just to survive the daily living.. they provide services that would really help, if and only if, we are dedicated to our dreams, that is to alleviate poverty through business.

and that what makes me proud to be a part of one of the leading microfinance institutions in the country; the CARD MRI.. sometimes our job can be misinterpreted by the people who have shallow understanding on the microfinance world. i just want to emphasize the difference between microfinance and lending institution. both are into money lending process. people may borrow money to start or to add capital on their business.. like any other bank, CARD bank is also doing the same thing.. (by the way, we belong to the microfinance oriented rural bank).. okay back to the topic, lending inst.has higher interest rate compared to CARD. and CARD offers more services and benefits that lending institutions don't have.. for more could visit their SITE..

that's why i hate people when they say that i am working in a lending institution,... ( di ba sa lending man ka nag work? pautanga ko beh?) grrrrrr... my answer would be like this.. ( nope!! i am working in one of the leading MICROFINANCE INSTITUTIONS in the country,, THE CARD MRI).. hehehehe.. no,, not really like that pero parang ganun na din.. basta i corrected my mother and my brother when they asked me regarding this matter.. hmppppp!!!! AND NOW,, YOU KNOW!!! join now,, weheheeeh

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