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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

WE'RE BACK!!!!!!

finally we are back.. i missed the IVCF days.. I mean,, fellowship with my classmates headed by Ate NElly and her husband Kuya Rod.. Anyway, involved din kami sa IVPM. KAsama namin dito yung mga professionals pro nakakahiya lang kasi iba na yung level nila.. and we are on the process of adjustment. Sometimes nga eh,, kami yung binibigyan talaga ng attention kasi we're just new to their environment. Pero we are enjoying their company nman. walang discrimination among the group. kahit sino pwedeng sumali.. at plus factor sa group na ito ay ang food.. hehehe.. grabeh yung preparation sa food. parang every tuesday may birthday. hehehehe

thankful lang talaga kami kay Lord kasi He showed us the way through IVCF. I don't know how it happened. TAlagang everything happens for a reason. And thankful rin kami kay Ate Nelly and Kuya Rod for the support and attention, for their prayers and guidance. It really feels so great to be an IVCFer.. hehhe



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