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Tuesday, April 22, 2008


whew,,,, every little decision you have to make nowadays must be related to investment,, they say... studies, job, marriage and blah blah blah are investments.. and yeah,, they're right.. sa panahon ngayon,, dapat daw manigurado.. but of course you have to be sure if that "INVESTMENT" is really an investment.. how would you know if it will last for a lifetime and someday we can benefit for it? here are some tips:

1. Know the background: whether if it's for job, businesses and marriage.. of course, when we say investment,, it has something to do with commitment.. you have to commit, if not time, it could be money and trust..

2. Know the management: especially for the businesses.. you have to know the people behind the company.. who knows, you have known these people in some social activities,.

3. Know the status: knowing the present condition (company) helps you decide whether you have to invest or not.

4. Know your interest: you have to be sure if that investment suits your interests..

5. Any suggestions for more tips? hehehe...



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