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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Coron (Gateway to Paradise on Earth)

I have got the chance to travel a lot in the Philippines. But oh,, of all the places I have been to, Coron is on top of the list. Two ways to reach Coron. Throug plane that will only take an hour from Manila to Busuanga. Or if you love long hours of travel and enjoy the beauty of nature, you could book your flight from Manila- Puerto Princesa Airport. At the Airport, a lot of Gabay sa Turismo labeled van (Tourism Guide Van)that will take you to El Nido for about 6 hours of travel. Upon reaching El Nido, you will be amazed by the formation of Taraw (Mountain-rock formation) all over El Nido.
Whooaah.. It was really a jaw-dropping experience the first time I saw Taraw.. MAybe you could stay for an overnight in El Nido to enjoy the night life along the shoreline and perhaps you have missed the Coron trip for they only have one way trip a day, and that is only available at 8 am. So while in El Nido, just enjoy the food, music and the lights. Around 8 am, the boat that could carry a maximum of 20 persons,is ready to take you to the gateway to paradise on earth, Coron. In 9 long hours of travel, you only have two things that will surely do. Enjoy and take pictures whatever pleases your eyes or just simply sleep. hahaha. But when you get there, My oh my enjoy and enjoy God's creation. it's all yours.. hahaha.
Here are some of the destinations we availed during my visit in Coron. Sietti Picados, where famous Philippine Mermaid TV series shot. Enjoy fish feeding and be amazed of the colorful corals underwater.
Cayangan Lake
CYC Island

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