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Thursday, October 18, 2007


And it's finally here.. I am 21.. oh my,, good bye 20.. huhuhu.. can't believe im 21.. hmm.. hehehhe.. October 17, 2007 i was celebrating my 21st year on earth.. hahahahaah.. many thanks to the IVCF family for their presence and encouragement. for letting me feel that i am somebody.. char.. kahilak ko ug cake.. heheheh.. for the first time, wala ang family ko sa celebration pero okay din naman kasi,, i was with my second family here in DAvao city.. the IVCF family headed by ate nelly and kuya rod buenconsejo.. it was really fun and daming food na hinanda nila.. hahahahaha.. it was one of my unforgattable moments in my life.. i just want to thank in-in, rosal, cherish and maggie for the foods and their cooperation to make this celebration possible. And i just want to share some of their greetings that really really touched my heart:

Fr: Ate nelly
Hi Marwin, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! God Bless you and strengthen you as you face life's challenges. c u 2nyt. =)

HAppy Bday moi2x.. hope na happy ka with ur loved ones.. I wish u nothing less the very best of things, not only today but alwayz.. God bless! Enjoy! tetsapie =]

Fr:May Reyson
HAppy bday mar...:) wish u gud health and peaceful mind always.. HAve a healthy happy bday...;)

HAppy bday :p hapit ko kalimut dah. haha (actually hindi sya touching kaya lang,, hmmm... baka sumama ang loob kapag di ko xa nilagay rito.. hehehehe. tnx nga pla jez.. hahaahha)

Fr: May aton
Happy bday 2 u. hapi bday 2 u. hapi bday hapi bday, hapi bday 2 u. hehehe.. ingatz mar. i wish you all the best in life.

Fr: Vincent
HAppy birthday moiu.. wahaha tiguwang najud ka.. toink.. heeheh.. may God bless u in ur special day.. Ingatz always.. take care

Fr: Chingching
oi ka birthday!! Happy bday 2 us, happy bday 2 us, happy bday, happy bday, happy bday to us.. oppss ako nauna ha.. heheheh.. Godbless u moy!

DAmi pa sana kaya lang pagod na ako.. hehehe.. Just want to say thank you guys.. ito pala ung mga taong nag greet sa akin,, Jehzeel, Genda, Sir Resty, Dannel, DAniel, LAni Girl, MAy Aton, MAy Reyson, HAshia, Lina of Jobstreet, my sister melody, mama, papa, kuya, ganggang, andy, Bensoi, Jenjen dapar, Rosal, Ate NElly, Kuya Rod, Kuya DArby, Jason, In-In, MAggie, John, Bernie, Che-Che, Manager, Ariel, Te didz, LEonora, Michelle my cousin, JAzel, MAtet, ChingChing, Jeanilyn TApang..

Kung may nakalimutan man ako,, ihabol ko nalang.. hehehehe.. sa lahat ng bumati at babati,, Salamat po..



Blogger Jehzeel Laurente said...

Happy Birthday!!! hahaha :P

October 18, 2007 at 1:39 AM  
Anonymous kingdaddyrich said...

happy berthday

pakanton ka naman

October 18, 2007 at 3:55 AM  
Blogger moimoi said...

@ jez,, salamat sa gift.. ahahahah.. ubos na, kaninang morning dahil sayo!! dahil sa war text natin...:p

@kingdaddyrich,, salamt.. nag pansit mo kami nyan.. nag order lang kami sa Dencia's dito sa DAvao.. salamat poheheheh

October 20, 2007 at 12:15 AM  

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