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Thursday, November 29, 2007

another mistake?

i don't think i made the right decision. kanina, we had an activity related to our personal concerns. perhaps, it was another way of introducing ourselves to our fellow trainees. so what happened was, i shared to them what was bothering me few days ago. one of my groupmates said that one of the account officers of this establishments shared that only 20 applicants will be accepted for the training. they were surprised because i was included on their shortlist since during the panel interview eh bagsak na daw ako.. in short hindi dapat ako kasali.. they thought, since kakilala namin yung branch manager, i was accepted because of her. ako namn, i hate the idea that because of her eh nakapasok ako.. i just want to get a job na pinaghirapan ko naman. kasi unfair din sa iba naming kasama na nakapasok na walang kakilala sa loob.

yun na,, pagpasok ko palang sa establishment na yun, nakita ko yung isang account officer at unit head nag uusap tapos nakatingin sa akin sabay tawa.. without a second thought, i made a conclusion kung bakit sila tumatawa.. it's because of my deformity... sanay na ako sa ganun, kaya binaliwala ko nalang.. pagkain namin ng lunch, andun na anman cla, nakatingin sabay tawa.. for the second time, i ignored them.

siguro they rejected my application because concern lang sila sa akin. the nature of this work kasi is more on field. so dealing with people and everything. but then, i was just insulted sa kanilang gestures na tumatawa habang nakatingin sa akiin.. kainis!!!!!

kaya kanina, i shared it to the group. at first i was hesitant to tell it kasi baka magkaroon ng conflict. but they gave me an assurance na hndi makakalabas at walang ibang makakaalam kundi kami-kami lang. but i just don't know what could be the impact of this revelation of mine.. for as long as God is in my side,,,, He will never leave me, nor forsake me... heehhehehe.. Praise God!!!!!!!!!!



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