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Friday, April 25, 2008


The Heart of ABS-CBN was transplanted to GMA.. I was really shocked when i found out that my hearty is now a KApuso.. though it really hurts but i must admit the reality that she's in the other network.. mapipilitan akong manood ng gma shows.. BUT only her show/s... (T_T)..

i was really down when i saw her interview in 24 ORAS... i don't know why i felt that way.. maybe because,, i'm soo attached to her.. feeling ko ako si echo.. hehehe.. maybe it's about time that GMA has an artist that is SMART, CLASSY, BEAUTIFUL AND BRAINY.. i just hope that nobody will hurt in my opinion.. this is just an opinion as a televiewer,, ABS-CBN talents are famous over GMA talents... in my own humble opinion....



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