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Thursday, May 15, 2008

what should i give?

oh no!!! Mother's day is almost over.. but i still don't have a gift for my mom.. i don't even know what to give.. hmm.... i just hope that whatever it is,, she'll like it.. hehehe. i have lots of ideas when it comes to "girl thing".. sandals,, bags,, it could be a letter; for girls are soooo senti... nyahaha.. especially moms.. but still confused what to buy.. grrrrr.. anyone could give some suggestions?... i just hope my sister could make it today.. she's planning to be here in davao city for some personal matter.. i just hope she could buy gift for our mother.;/.. tagal ko rin palang di nakapag post ano? hai finally at nasundan rintill next post.. hahahaha



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