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Sunday, May 18, 2008

earn not impose!!!!

"Ang Respect hindi ini-impose,,, ini-earn yan" PBB season 2 Big Winner, Beatriz Saw stated.. Yeah, i strongly agree with her. You don't need to impose it.. Earn it with honor.. You don't need to boast your position or achievement to win there respect. All you have to do is live in such a way that you deserve the love and respect of others.. I've known a person who's fond of boasting his accomplishments.. Aside from this, he really shows his superiority yet he is not capable of handling difficult situations. How can people respect him if he is showing his immaturity? may immature naman na tao na nakakatuwa,, pero sya kasi... nakakainis.. he looks older than his age kaya hindi nakakatuwa.. hahahaha



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