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Saturday, June 26, 2010

shop online with dhemz boutique

whaw,, i just posted my not so lucky entry.. hahah.. guess what,, here i go again.. just finished my subscription to dhemz online shopping.. she is actually hosting a giveaway contest.. just check this out... am,, again,, im just trying my luck and hopefully it will work.. heeheheh.. so excited for the prizes.. aside from las vegas marked items,, there are also surprise gifts included.. hmmm,, i hope it's a laptop.. hehehehe...

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i am not that so lucky when it comes to contest

yes it is really true.. i don't really know why.. when i was a kid, i used to join in any kind of contest. local or national contest.. hmm,, just to clear things up,, contest that has something to do with luck,,,, hahahah.. ( not an intellectual contest)... i used to drop my entries in a box and wait for the draw dates... and guess what.... i ended up with nothing.. hehehe.. when i reached high school and college years,, i was still hoping that my name will be called in a raffle contest during intramurals and hoping to bag a cellphone or a rice cooker.. but even a consolation prize,, still didn't work.. heeehehee.. is there a formula for this? when is that time that i need to shout out loud for joy because my name or entry is called? hmmmm.... "just your luck".. hahaahahah

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