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Saturday, July 24, 2010 is giving away surprises

hey guys,, im so excited with this contest hosted by they are giving away gadgets and other surprises.. one of which is my dream phone,, the blackberry 8520.. hehehe.. hopefully, fate will favor me this time.. i didn't make it with jehzlau's contest.. heheeh.. so hopefully i can have it on this contest.. please.. eheeheh

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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

alarming dengue reports in davao city

i am so worried about what i heard and saw on the news. every morning as i open the television, it always says that the rate of dengue cases is rapidly increasing. mostly, children below 13 years old suffered from dengue virus in our region.. i too suffered from this illness 4 years ago.. and i know how difficult and how dangerous to be on that situation... everyday seems to be your last day.. but fortunately,, i survived.. am,, few months ago, we conducted several sessions on how to prevent dengue carrying mosquito also known as AEDES EGYPTI.. i learned so many things about this mosquito.. there life cycle, preventions, and etc... actually there is no specific medicine for this virus.. your survival depends on your system.. but i'll give you some pointers on how to prevent the dengue carrying mosquito..

1. cover all your water containers and change the water in your flower vase twice a week..

2. wear long sleeves and pants to avoid mosquito bites.

3. fogging could also help but mosquito would just fly few meters away from your house and back again after few hours..

4. use mosquito repellent to prevent mosquito from sucking your skin...

5. as a summary, preventions #2-4, just make it a habit every early morning and late afternoon, to prevent dengue carrying mosquito..

in case that you already acquired the virus, here are some tips to help boost your immune system...

1. drink tawa tawa juice. i tried this one, and it was really effective..

2. eat durian fruit..

3. drink gatorade..

4. of course prayer could surely help...

if you have suggestions or additional info. regarding with this,, you are free to comment.. hehehehe

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Monday, July 12, 2010

hidden garden in the city

alluring beaches, white fine sands and relaxing ambiance... these things best describe on what we call ideal place.. and i am pertaining to the garden along the city.. SAMAL.. it is an island located near davao city.. it is just an hour from davao if we ride a barge... i just actually visited samal since i graduated from college.. when i had my first visit in that island, i was really amazed.. such a beautiful yet innocent place.. the last time i got there, that was an island tour initiated by one of my mom's workmates.. again, i was astonished by its natural and breath taking views.. especially when we reached the DAYANG RESORT, it feels like paradise.. guys,, if you have time try to visit this PLACE...

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Saturday, July 10, 2010

davao- the place to be

everyone wants to live in a peaceful yet accessible place. place where you can enjoy and relax as you witness the breathtaking scenery of each tourist spot.. place where you can enjoy healthy lifestyle and high standard of living.. place that is free from illegal and criminal activities.. and you can only find that place here in DAVAO, PHILIPPINES. held as number 2 livable city in asia.. and the only city in the philippines implemented the 911 to serve and protect the davaoeños from any harm so as the businesses here in the city.. and the only city in the country that created a TASK FORCE for the security of individual.. and these innovation happened thru the brilliant management of city vice mayor Rodrigo Duterte and his daughter mayor Inday Sarah Duterte...

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Saturday, July 3, 2010

why do i deserve an android phone

here i go again.. after i joined dhemz' contest,, i'm gonna try jehzlau's contest..

okay,, 5 reasons why do i deserve an android phone..

1.) because i love this phone.

2.) all my life i've been using a nokia phone.. which means, this time i want to have another brand of phone.

3.) i haven't try a touch screen phone,, hopefully jehz will grant my wish this time to have and own his samsung i5700.. hehehehe

4.) i'll treasure this one if ever na makuha ko ito.. hahaha.. katulad ng pag treasure ko sa patay gutom keychain...

5.) last thing,, i'm dying to have this phone..,.. hahaahahaha

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