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Monday, December 2, 2013

Revisiting Davao

Davao city is not just a place for me. It is already a home. This is not because I was born and raised here but because I feel so secured whenever I am here. I can roam anywhere and anytime I want. the fact is that, security is the main attraction in this city. The good governance and strict implementation of policies of Mayor Rodrigo Roa Duterte are the main reasons why tourists (local/foreign) and investors choose Davao to be their home away from their own home. Last Nov. 26, 2013, I was lucky enough to be chosen as the facilitator for the Lakbay-aral for Stockholders of CARD Bank Inc. I was with 21 nanays (mothers), who were given the privilege to take a two-day vacation where they could relax and enjoy the scenery of the chosen destination.
It was really an honor for me to bring them to my very own Davao.I was so excited knowing that it was their first time to be in the city.they were requesting during the orientation, to bring them to beautiful places in Davao for them to experience how it feels to be in this city.
Upon arrival in Francisco Bangoy International Airport in Davao, a personnel from Microtel, a luxury hotel situated in Damosa, Lanang,welcomed us and gave us a ride to the hotel. few minutes after disembarking our baggages, the tour started..

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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Eden Nature Park

Eden, pronounced as [idεn]--- as it is shortly called--- has been developed years back but not everybody within and outside Davao City has gone to the place. It is not found in the heart of the city but people endure the distance only to experience the wonders of the place. …and I must say that reaching the place is worth the journey. Going to the place takes time but the view heading there is already exhilarating. Even with the rays of the sun, it is ironic at the same time amazing how the place feels so cold. Upon reaching the park, one has to pay for the entrance fee. They have a lot of choices for their guests--- if one wants to stay overnight, cottages are available, if one wants to spend the entire day in the park, there is a buffet for lunch. Foreigners who visit the place can drop by at the souvenir shop where they can buy Filipino made products such as T-shirts, hats, accessories, bags and other Filipino traditional products. Aside from that, the place offers different spots where people can explore and feel the nature at its finest. To make the journey easier, customers are given maps upon paying the entrance fee (maps are only helpful if you know how to read one haha).
The dining area where people gather to eat snacks, lunch or dinner is the cleanest. It is mirror-walled and even from inside, one can still see the green surrounding. One amazing fact about the restaurant is that the vegetables served are harvested from the park’s garden---- tomatoes, cucumber, lettuce, onion, cauliflower, cabbage and many more. Green, fresh, delicious, just try to imagine. The food is just so inviting.
One of the attractions that welcome the guests is the roaming peacock. People just can’t help but take pictures of it while displaying its elegance.
Guests can enjoy the place on foot or through the aid of a park’s cab with a tourist guide on it. Among the spots that are especially illustrated in the map are: Butterfy garden—where you can actually see butterflies of different sizes, colors and varieties. You can maximize your time there just “catching butterflies”, as what an idiom explains.. ; there is also this rainbow garden as if you are just like entering a paradise of fairies; the vegetable garden is just so amazing. Once you go right there, you would surely feel like you own the entire area..; another most interesting thing about the park is that while you are on your way, you can hear gongs and cultural music from afar, inviting you to come and visit the “Tinubdan”, it is a showcase of Filipino ethnic groups and there are youngsters who are really performing when visitors gather. It’s very refreshing.
That just that. One can also do ziplining, horse back riding and a lot more.
When the world seems so crazy and crowded, there is still a place where you can experience solitude at its finest. Go and try Eden. If you have gone there, perhaps, it’s high time to go back and savor the taste of nature. See you there!

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McDonalds: Why do I still Say “Love Ko TO”?

French fries. Fried Chicken. Burger. Coke Float. Nuggets. Ice Cream. Spaghetti. These are just among the common found served in McDonalds (of all branches). Even with the new existing restaurants, pizza houses and fast food chains, people still embrace its tag line “LOVE KO TO”.
Why do I still love Mcdo? Generally, why do people still love it? Simple: it is a place for everybody. You can just get inside to wait for someone, to study or to prepare for reports, to avail internet connection or to go the toilet. All these can be done without an order. Such a place! Seriously, the place is really for people of different walks in life. For kids, couples who fight and make up, friends who are just bored at home or at school. Moreover, most busy people opt to drop by at McDO whenever they feel like eating quickly; it doesn’t take much time to wait for the order. Foods are affordable and you can stay there even if you have finished eating what you have ordered. McDo (as most Filipinos call it) is undeniably becoming a part of the Filipinos’ system. It is open 24/7, it has DriveThru, it has an area for kids to play and also it hosts special occasions especially kid’s birthday parties. Moreover, it is accessible. It has branches almost everywhere. When one’s busy or when one feels so lazy, McDonald’s a place to be. Keep loving

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