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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

activities for tomorrow

again and again and again,,, it's a holiday.. and as i posted last month, i love, love and love holidays.. hehehe.. hmm,, how will i spend my one day holiday? actually i do have plans for tomorrow's special day.. i texted my friends to play badminton but unfortunately, they don't have rakets to use.. tsk tsk tsk.. too bad... one of my friends suggested to play bowling instead of badminton.. hmmm,, i love the idea.. just hope other friends will be available tomorrow para enjoy.. hehhe..

yeah,, wondering why holiday tom? it's the last day of RAMADAN for our MUSLIM brothers and sisters.. congrats!

Monday, September 29, 2008

michael phelps on grey's anatomy?

whew, the olympic swimming legendary michael phelps will be part on the upcoming seasons of Grey's Anatomy, a U.S award winning tv series. at the age of 23, he achieved what everyone wants to achieve. on this VIDEO i discovered something interesting about this man.. his right foot is soooooo amazing.. for you to know, watch this VIDEO for more info. hehehe



Thursday, September 25, 2008

amazing one

i viewed this video for so many times. i just can't help it but astonished by their creative presentation. i used to watch christian music video on youtube and love them all. but this VIDEO really made me "wow". i shared this video to my sister, and the only thing that she uttered, "amazing".... this VIDEO made me realized that no matter how sinful we are, God will always be there to guide and protect us.. but we should not abuse His kindness for God our Lord is a jealous God.



Now i can feel my existence

i was suffering for two nights of high fever and decided to have a half-day leave from work. just this morning, i decided to go back from work though i felt dizzy and a bit uncomfortable due to headache. pero sayang yung leave credits eh. and when i reported to the office, i was so shocked when everybody, including the regional head and area manager asked my health condition. " oh moimoi, how are you? what happened to you last night? are you sure you're okay now?" these are just some of their questions when i entered the office. to my surprise, i just nod and smiled. then i realized, whaw,, they are soooo concerned.. i mean, i've never felt that way before.. just to check me if im okay, they really touched my forehead and neck if my fever got low.. i am so blessed with the people who really give value to my presence..

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Healthy Competition should be like this

in a world of business, you can never say if they are successful or not if they are in a monopolized market. in the absence of competition, we can never say that thay are growing or stagnant. that's the essense of competition.

when we say competition, one thing that will surely pop up in our minds is one should be on top the other. that is really true. one should do something that will boost his career or product just to be step ahead than the other. but we should remember that in every competition, it should be healthy and fair to everybody. just viewed a
  • and found out something good for the betterment of the industry. just forget about the ratings and personal interests. just work and do your part as an entertainer to give joy to the millions of filipinos who are in the midst of sufferings due to poverty and depression. congrats willie. hehehe



    Wednesday, September 17, 2008

    Agent Xmoimoi is Pro-Batang Yagit! Why?

    Because Batang Yagit is Batang Yagit! Thanks to Jehzlau for sharing this awesome Yagit Kid! He deserves to win the 2008 Bloggers' Choice Award of the Philippine Blog Awards because no other nominee deserves my vote except Batang Yagit. Honestly, I didn't meet this awesome kid yet, but I tell you, even if we didn't see each other before, it's like he's my childhood friend from the day that I was born in planet Earth. Why? Because I'm Jehzeel's good buddy for so long now and Jehzeel is like a Batang Yagit that's why I thought Jehzeel was Batang Yagit, but Jehzeel was not Batang Yagit because Winston was Batang Yagit. Another but was they have similarities in their favorites, hobbies, and YAGITNESS if that's what you call it. That's why when I made my decision to vote Batang Yagit, it's like I voted both of them to win this prestigious award. Good luck Batang Yagit, Good luck Jehz! May the winner wins! Boo-Yah!


    Sunday, September 14, 2008

    safer than ever

    i'm so glad that TASK FORCE DAVAO did an implementation for strict inspection. it helps a lot to protect the region and the lives of the people. for almost two months, Davao region was threatened by two consecutive bus bombing that killed hundreds of people and ruined the future of a fetus inside a woman's womb. it was really a nightmare that even i could not imagine why such people/person did this without thinking that he/she is trading his/her soul to satan. i could not comprehend why they are doing this kind of activity.

    when i was taking my way back to Davao, im just so happy to know that TF Davao did a thorough inspection in every town. and the bus inspector himself did his own inspection to ensure that the passengers are safe.. diba ang galing. sana tuloy-tuloy na ito.


    Thursday, September 11, 2008

    Need cash?

    want to do something to treat yourself but don't have financial support? people, by nature are ambitious and extravagant.. yeah let's admit that. and by nature, do everything just to meet their demands. but worry no more. cash advance loan is here to supply your demand. they really offer services without high charges and hassle free. you don't have to worry if you qualify or not. by the moment you are approved, it just takes 24 hours for them to deposit the money in your account.. see? so come on and apply now in cash advance loan.


    Monday, September 8, 2008


    oppss, we missed the opportunity to celebrate the annual DAvao FEderation of ECOnomics Students (DAFECOS) held at USEP Obrero Campus last saturday September 6, 2008.. it is an annual festival of Economics students in the Region. it aims to develop the camaraderie among students from different Universities and Colleges in Davao area. it includes USEP, UM Davao, UM Tagum, UP Mintal, ADDU, and Holy Cross of Davao College. and for 3 consecutive years, USEP bagged the championship title. hehehe.. isa ako sa mga nag contribute ng title na yun.. unfortunately, we, graduates, missed the opportunity to witness the annual festival for the ECONOMISTAS...!!!


    Thursday, September 4, 2008

    current fave CHRISTIAN SONG

    i really love Christian songs especially this one (for now)i love the melody and the message of this song.. given a chance, i am planning to collect Christian CD's ( Hillsong and ect.) kaso, expensive lang.. hehhe it is so relaxing.. everytime i hear Christian songs, it really lightens my heart and mind.. ammm, i am inviting everyone to attend Praise and Worship at Davao Christian Bible Channel (DCBC) every friday 7:00 - 9:00 pm malapit lang sa People's Park Tabi lang ng Whaw Litson enjoy doon.. hehehe


    Wednesday, September 3, 2008

    amazing discovery (sa mga bisaya lang)

    daghan man pod diay taga USEP naga blog.. ehhehe.. karon lang ko kabalo.. hmm,, cguro kay mga IT man pod cla ug COMSCI.. hmm... sa una man gud,, 2 lang kabuok akong nahibal an nga naay blog.. (poor).. hehehe. wala lang.. nalingaw lang ko.. heehhe..

    hayyy.. no updates pa rin.. walang bago eh.. yung PIN ko wala pa rin.. wala pa rin akong boses.. can't conduct proper meeting dahil wala akong boses.. haiiiiii... nag strepsils na ako ala pa rin.. huhu


    Tuesday, September 2, 2008

    i lost my voice x(

    waaaaaaa,, i can't talk that much for the reason that my voice box got infected.. huhuhu.. i can't shout nor sing in a loud voice.. ( char kay mokanta jud diay).. huhu.. it started when we had our 11th anniversary celebration in our company.. i ate more sweets and talk too much during the program.. kaya yun.. is it valid conclusion? hehehe.. don't know but i guess yeah it is one of the resaons... amm,, no updates yet.. amm,, wait,, remember the previous post that i had,, regarding sa crush ko? yeah,, we shared foods and chair during the program.. hahahaha.. wala lang just wanna share and to make my post longer... nyahaha