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Sunday, September 30, 2007

i DID iT!!!

finally,, i just finished my third poem dedicated to my friend.. heheh.. I was compelled to post a poem for her bilang kabayaran sa aminmg deal.. i just hope she will like this piece..

Standing under the pale moonlight
Feeling the touch of a hollow hand
Softly listen to the whisper of the unspoken words
Taking every eluding breath of nature

Seating in the middle of the ocean
Trying to weep the dried tears from the eyes
Looking through the reflection
Couldn't see but a melancholy of a carefree heart

Shivering in the coldness of the sun
Dancing in the silentness of the music
Screaming so softly in a loud voice
Hiding the feelings to express ones desire

Sleeping in a wide open eyes
Dreaming of nothing but something
Walking down on a thorny smooth aisle
Just to see you somewhere in nowhere

Here I am again
Gazing in a dark blue sky
Watching as stars falling into pieces
Realizing how complicated love could be.

hehehhe.. xenxa na po..


Friday, September 21, 2007

1-4-3 !!!!!!!!

i hate you!!!! wala lang.. i just wanna hate you.. i don't know why.. basta,, yun lang yun... I HATE YOU!!!! BAKIT? what's the reason behind this drama? I hate you simply because i love to hate you. MAy love ba in hating? hehehehe.. Basta i'm loving it... i just wanna hate you!!! HH,mmmmmmm... wala lang kasi akong maipost.. kaya I hate you lang.. next time I LOVE YOU naman... wahahahahahahha... I hate you!!!! i hate you!!!! I hate you!!!! i just want to hit you because i hate you. i can't stand the heat of your presence that's why i hate you...!!!! hmmm,, pwedeng pang tongue twister ah... hheeheheh.. basta yun yun!!!!!!!!!!!!! I HATE YOU!!! I HATE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!! I HATE YOU!!!!! I HATE YOU!!!!!!! I HATE YOU!!!!!! I HATE YOU!!!!! I HATE YOU!!!!!! I HATE YOU!!!! I HATE YOU!!!!!!! I HATE YOU!!!!!!!!!!


Tuesday, September 18, 2007

WE'RE BACK!!!!!!

finally we are back.. i missed the IVCF days.. I mean,, fellowship with my classmates headed by Ate NElly and her husband Kuya Rod.. Anyway, involved din kami sa IVPM. KAsama namin dito yung mga professionals pro nakakahiya lang kasi iba na yung level nila.. and we are on the process of adjustment. Sometimes nga eh,, kami yung binibigyan talaga ng attention kasi we're just new to their environment. Pero we are enjoying their company nman. walang discrimination among the group. kahit sino pwedeng sumali.. at plus factor sa group na ito ay ang food.. hehehe.. grabeh yung preparation sa food. parang every tuesday may birthday. hehehehe

thankful lang talaga kami kay Lord kasi He showed us the way through IVCF. I don't know how it happened. TAlagang everything happens for a reason. And thankful rin kami kay Ate Nelly and Kuya Rod for the support and attention, for their prayers and guidance. It really feels so great to be an IVCFer.. hehhe


Thursday, September 13, 2007

Grabeh nman!!!!!!!!!!

last night i watched TV Patrol and it so happened na pagbukas ko palang ng telebisyon the news was about Joseph Estrada. It talked about the details of his judgment, his life pagkatapos ng hatol sa kanya at mga hinanaing ng kanyang mga taga suporta. Eversince hindi talaga ako maka Estrada. Pro by the time that he was in jail for 6 years,, napag isip-isip ko,, kawawa din naman sya kung mahatulan siya ng guilty last september 12, 2007.. Tama ba? Sept.12 or 13? Basta, I was hoping then that the decision would be NOT GUILTY. Nag suffer na kasi sya pati pamilya niya nadamay. But the decision of the Supreme Court was final.. He is Guilty of commiting a crime na tinatawag na Plunder. For 40 years siyang makukulong. Imagine, 40 years.. baka doon na siya mamamatay sa kulungan. Kawawa din nman ang tao.

Pero ang pinaka grabeng punishment sa kanya ay ang tanggalan ng karapatan bilang isang AMA NG PAMILYA. Sobra naman sila. Pati ba nman bilang head of the family eh, kukunin pa sa kanya? Sakit nun ha....!!!!!! Wala na rin siyang karapatang pumirma ng kontrata,, karapatang bumoto during election, at karapatang mag benta ng ari-arian. Grabe na talaga sila.. Tao pa ba yan?????????????


Tuesday, September 11, 2007


finally,, at long last,, may yearbook na kami.. sa unang pagkakataon in the history of our department The School of Applied Economics produced a quality yet not so mahal na yearbook. kahapon ko lang nakuha ang kopya ko sa aming office. dyahe nga eh kasi andun sila mam.. pero okay din naman kasi andun si ate flor.. we're closer than before kaya okay lang.. hehehe..

by the way,, just wanna say thank you sa egalitarian staff, especially to Ms. Rona Joy Rubinos, our EIC for your effort and sacrifices.. alam namin na hindi madali.. obviously hindi nman talaga especially those times na we were soooooo busy doing our thesis and research papers... but then you were able to handle and manage your time well.. grabeh,, SALUDO kami sa inyo guyz.. though there are some flaws pero hindi nman talaga maiwasan.. anyway those are minors lang nman.. thank you guys for doing your best!!!!!! kita nman sa output.. hehehehe..

VIVA EGALITARIAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!