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Thursday, May 28, 2009

a bottle of softdrink saves my day

oftentimes i prefer to drink soda instead of water after meal to satisfy my thirst. i know that it is not healthy and water is still the best liquid to intake to maintain a healthy lifestyle... (tama ba?).. but aside from this, the reason why I'm so addicted with soft drinks is that, it helps to lower my temper and keeps stress away. i don't know if it is just a psychological effect or caffeine drives away the bad spirits every time i'm down.. cheers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

loan consolifation

whew,, i didn't know that there are companies that offer student loan to finance their own education.. they are into assisting students and graduates with financing their college expenses and managing their education loans. but i guess this is not applicable in progressing countries like here in the Philippines... but there are lots of microfinance companies operating here just to help poor families finance their own business.. well talking about this student loans, perhaps parents are aware that their kids are going to avail this type of loan... or else.. hehehe

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salary deduction

haaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy,, if you would ask me, what's the soundtrack of my life today,,,,,, i'd probably say "BAD DAY" by Daniel Powter... grrrrr.. this is really a messy day.. i have 8 unpaid members and Php 500.00 salary deduction.. 300 for my lapses and 200 for the tax refund.. it really makes me sick.. im working to earn, pero grrr...i still have to pay my lapses... huhuhuhu... im trying my best not to commit lapses but i still have to admit that im also human.. prone to commit mistakes.. are their possible ways to prevent this katangahan? hahahahaahahayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy... yoko na yoko na yoko na.................

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Saturday, May 9, 2009

moment of truth

guys just enjoy the music and lyrics of one of my fav songs (for now) ... hehhehe

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newly opened opportunities

davao, as one of asia's livable cities, is now growing in terms of business opportunities. yesterday, Robinson's cybergate has formally opened for business transaction. it is not as big as SM or Gaisano mall of Davao pero sosyal syang tingnan.. hehehe.. just last week,, i was so shocked when i saw this establishment in BAJADA.. "CAMELLA NORTHPOINT".. wow,, another not so high class subdivision will be established in the heart of davao.. it only means,, more establishments,, more opportunities for work and income for the benefits of the DAVAOenos.. hehehe

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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

this is not my day!!!

i guess this is not really my day.. since yesterday, ang dami ng kapalpakan.. i don't know if it was just a joke pero parang totoo na rin.. kasi simula kahapon,, may color coding na sa aming company. monday,, dapat naka white, tuesday, naka light pink, wednesday,, light yellow,, thursday light green at friday wash day namin.. i wore white polo shirt last day with just a bit of print sa upper right chest ko (blue).. sabi ng manager namin,, i did not follow the proper color coding daw.. kasi yung iba ko raw kasamahan talagang white polo talaga.. super kagalang galang ang dating.. huhuhu.. ako naman,, semi body fit pa na may print.. pero i took it as a joke.. kasi pwede naman daw iyon sabi ng iba kong kasamahan.. napag tripan lang daw ako.. pero okaylang naman yun.. it was not a big deal to me.. pero yung pinaka terrible,, yung kanina.. mali naman talaga namin.. hehehe.. kasi yung philhealth loan ng members namin, delayed namin na process.. kaya ako ang napagalitan sa bank kanina.. hindi sana ako ang mapagsabihan kung himdi ako nag insist na ako ang mag remit kanina,.. kaso gusto kong bumawi kahapon.. ngayon pa eh im wearing light pink na polo na kagalang galang ang dating.. pero wrong timing ata.. kaya instead na yung unit head ang mapagalitan,, ako pa ang napagbuntungan.. huhuhu.. ako na naman... yoko na,!!!!!!!!! yoko na!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yoko na'ng magremit sa bank!!!!!!!!!!!! huhuhu

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Monday, May 4, 2009

unbelievable PACMAN!!!!

i was really wowed having been heard about pacman's victory over hatton!!!.. the mexican killer now has a new victim.. fresh all the way from UK.. hehehe.. susyal talaga si pacman.. you know, knowing pacman, parati nalang "you know"..pero don't you know na sobrang yaman na nito dahil sa mga suntok ng kalaban na walang panama sa kanyang katawan.. hahahaha.. grabeh,, he is really a legend.. after dela hoya, na akalako eh syang tatalo kay pacman, british boxing superstar naman ang sumunod.. wala pa rin.. alam nyo ba ang sekreto nya? kung di pa,, manood kayo ng tv,, makikita nyo ang kanyang advertisement ng iba't ibang products.. yan ang secrets nya.. hehehe.. sobrang galing lang talaga ni pacman. sana he wouldn't go for polotics... it will just ruin his reputation.. if he really wants to help then, he could build his own charitable institution kung gugustuhin lang talaga nya dba.. hehehe..opinion ko lang naman... peace!

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