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Friday, February 26, 2010

why am i staying at CARD MRI?

this was the question asked by our area manager, ate aileen castillo, during our staff meeting.. i asked this question before.. why am i still working in CARD MRI? at first, i was submitting my application for the reason that i need job..i need job to earn salary and sustain my needs.. but as years pass by, i realized that it's not the salary that makes me stay here.. hindi naman kasi kalakihan ang sahod.. the only reason why it's so hard to let go of this cycle, and the non negotiable part of being a CARD MRI staff, is the fact that you are considered as an instrument to the people who need help, financially, morally and spiritually.. though tough times could perhaps shake your faith and your ego as a person, but by the time that you heard people and see how you touched their lives through your services rendered to them and to their family, everything will be paid off.. often times,i got discouraged (no need to mention those things that make me feel humiliated), but i just think that everything happens for a reason. and i am still searching for the other reasons why God put me in this institution.. ehhehehe..

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Monday, February 22, 2010

alternative medicine for sore eyes

it was just yesterday, i almost have sore eyes due to, perhaps our present climate condition.. it has been said that too much exposure of your eyes without any device protection can cause sore eyes. i was really afraid then because i don't want to absent from my work because of this stupid virus.. huhuuhu.. to somehow ease the the sore of my left eye, i looked for a grass or shall i call it herbal plant that my mom usually gave when i was a kid.. this plant is commonly known as "tawa-tawa".. it is also effective to those who suffered from dengue virus. you just have to boil on water for about 5 minutes and drink its extract juice.. but for sore eyes, you just have to cut its stem until a white extract comes out from the stem.. tama ba? heeheh.. basta,, then put atleast 2 drops of that extract to the affected part of your eye and that's it.. after an hour, the redness of your eye will be cured.. proven and tested by me... hehehee

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Saturday, February 20, 2010

my Nokia N79 terrible experience

i was about to leave the office when i heard something that was fallen from somewhere... when i checked it out, i saw my N79 phone on the floor, as in wasak pati battery natapon.. i don't know how did it happen.. i just placed it on the water dispenser para mag charge kasi lowbat ito... i thought it was the end of my old cellphone.. i was afraid actually kasi mawawalan ako ng phone if that will happen.. huhuhu.. pero im very thankful to God kasi walang major damage.. until now,, gamit ko pa din sya.. heheehhe.. amazing noh?

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Saturday, February 13, 2010

i love my unupdated blog

though i seldom post an entry in my blog,, i still visit it and read all my entries pag may time na mag net ako.. but never did i expect na may mag visit pang ibang bloggers dito.. at mag comment pa na i love this blog.. hahaha.. the reason why i love this unupdated blog of mine, sarap balikan yung past experiences kasi.. mostly sa mga entries dito mga experiences ko.. hehehe.. another reason,, bigay kasi ito ng kaibigan.. lahat ng gifts ng mga friends ko,, tinitreasure ko talaga.. ahahahah.. pero i'm just wondering bakit kaya nag stop ng blogging si jehzlau?... ayaw namang mag reply pag tinetext ko.. pero sabi ni donald serrano,, he is earning almost 1 million a month.. ganun sya katindi.. hahahah.. basta i love my unupdated blog.. wehehehe

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