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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

my one week CMDI experienced

i spent one week training at CARD MRI DEVELOPMENT INSTITUTE (CMDI), the one and only training center for microfinance in the country and asia.. wow proud to be a CARDian.. our training was actually not just a training. it was a realization of what CARD is all about. a wake up call on our duties and responsibilities as staff and a bit of personality development. it was such an honor and privilege to be chosen as one of those who want to undergo training. this is a preparatory stage for higher responsibilities as front liner of the institution. our two-day in house training and review was awesome.. it was challenging and nerve wrecking stage. we had our discussions and after every topic we had a short exam.. it really freaked me out.. my hands were shaking, and i didn't even enjoy our meal.. that was really challenging.

the rest of the days were spent on field. i was assigned in TIAONG 4 unit, DOLORES branch. i was lucky enough to be assigned in that unit because the staff were cool and approachable.. especially their unit manager Ma'am Macky. i forgot to take pictures with them as a souvenir.. tsk tsk.. but i was able to thank them for their warm welcome and being so supportive..

it was indeed a fruitful week to all of us who had undergone a one week UM READY TO GO TRAINING.. everyone passed the exam and of course,, me and ate ninia got the two highest spots.. heheheeh.. congrats to all of us.. happy reading

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