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Friday, December 11, 2009

why should i choose duterte as mayor?

if i were to represent the davaoeños this coming election, i probably choose duterte as mayor over nograles.. if you would ask me why, simply because duterte, proven and tested, can manage the city of davao. in fact, during his governance, davao held as livable city in the country.. people are safe enough to walk on the street while displaying their gadgets and accessories on their bodies.. only those with bad intentions should watch out as they roam around the city.. the "punisher" is still hunting you.. hehehe.. well, if ever, mayor rodrigo will turn over his power to his daughter inday sarah, i'll put my 100% confidence that she could and do better than his dad.. with regards naman sa security dito sa davao,, naku pustahan tayo,, walang makakagalaw sa ciudad ng davao... hehehe

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Saturday, December 5, 2009

No way (my own composition)

out of boredom, i composed a song but don't know how to sing this one.. perhaps it was not boredom but i was also inspired writing this lyrics because of her.. nyahahaha.. could anybody make a perfect chords on this,,?.;. hehehe.. anyway here's my humble composition,, entitled,,,,,,,,,,,,

NO WAY (marwin)

it was evening then when
i saw you walking on the street
i didn't recognize that it was you
for it's been a while
since we had our last meeting

i was astonished and startled
as you say "hi"
looks like an angel
calling me in my dream
finally my mouth picked a word
and i said "yeah?"
i feel ashamed when somebody
behind me call you Honey

all i've got to say is No Way...

i thought that you and i someday
i hope that God will make a way
you just don't know how much
i appreciate you
longing for your touch
and your sweet caress

when i was about to sleep
my phone beeps and your number appears
it says "sorry, my bestfriend messed up lately"
and i asked "why honey?"
"it's our treatment but nothing special on it" you answered

all i've got to say is No Way..

perhaps you and i someday
in a perfect world that
we're going to share one day
now you know how much
you mean to me
longing to have you not just
to feel your touch but to feel
your love...

nyahaha.. it's quite simple and am,,, hope you guys llike it.. nyaahahah

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