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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

ampatuan made a history

since i was a child, my perception when it comes to politics is " it is the dirtiest game ever".. simply because people, admit it or not, are longing for power, fame and wealth.. and the closest way to achieve this is thru politics.. heheheh.. you will do anything, whatever it takes just to win the game.. in my own point of view.. well anyway,, if you are watching news, surely you are aware of this ampatuan scandal.. i was kinda shocked when i heard the news that around 40 plus people, including the media, were killed by the troupes of ampatuan when MAGUINDADATU camp files for a candidacy in their area.. so sad.. for those who are not aware of this ampatuan clan,, they are considered as one of the most powerful clan in mindanao.. their children who are studying in ateneo de davao university and san pedro college have their own body guards.. i thought it could only happen in the movie like "prince and me" and other movies related to royal families.. and so back to the topic.. yeah,, it was really a shockimg news to everyone..another devastating image here in mindanao..

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Sunday, November 1, 2009

CARD MRI brings out the best in their members

if you read my previous entry regarding CARD MRI, i posted their that we are not just focusing on loan services but with benefits as well of the filipino families.. CARD as family oriented microfinance institution brings out the best in filipinos.. the main purpose why microfinance exists here in our country is to alleviate the poverty. they offer loan services to start up a small business that eventually could help to provide their needs... so what's with bringing out the best in our countrymen?.. CARD is not just to provide but to support the members all throughout the years.. one living proof of what i am talking about, is Ate Perla LAzaro, an IKP member of AGDAO 1 Unit, DAVAO BRANCH.. her business is tailoring of malong. it started with a loan capital amounting to Php 4,000 only with one sawing machine. and now, she is in her 5th cycle with a loan amount of Php 26,000.00 and with 6 sawing machines and 5 tailors.. (ASTIG DIBA)... with her dedication and passion to her business, she is now closer to stardom.. hehehe.. she is a finalist in the nationwide contest of all microfinance members.. from 150 contestants, if i am not mistaken, they are down to 3 hopefuls.. what's the prize? if fate will favor her, she could win as much as Php 150,000.00.. and another envious thing about her is that, this coming JAnuary 2010, she has a privilege to travel in THAILAND with $20.00 per day allowance and free accommodation.. super duper blessings to her and her family.. and as what i have heard, her malong products will be displayed at SM through HAPINOY program of CARD MRI and MicroVentures INC. which the latter is headed by BAM AQUINO and MARK RUIZ..

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