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Monday, April 16, 2007


you are a unique individual, and God has an enciting plan for your life. And you really can change your world, if you are motivated and empowered by the love of Christ. With upbeat humor and thoughtful perspective, best-selling author Tony Campolo challenges young people to move beyond good intentions and set a course for a lifetime of spiritual adventure. Instead of settling for half-hearted conformity, you can embrace life and become the world-changing person God intended you to be. Based on the film series of the same name, You Can Make a Difference offers an upbeat perspective on what it means to be a real Christian in today's world.

"Here are four hard-hitting and humurous presentations which motivate young people to confidently use the spiritual power God has given them to change the world."
-Denny Rydberg of National Youth Ministry Workshop

Tony Campolo on Commitment..."there is only one way to create meaning in life; and that, my friends, is commitment. Only through commitment do people achieve an identity and a meaning and a purpose in life"....On Vocation...." Each of us has a responsibility to be in the places we are most needed. Each of us is called to do something heroic for Jesus"...On Dating..." The American dating system is making kids hurt. The time has come for Christians to look for alternatives to our present dating system. Christians ought to invent and promote a new style of dating"...On Discipleship..." According to the Bible, a saint is somebody whom God sets aside to do something special in the church and for the world. That's you!! God has something special that He wants you to do for Him."

Actually im currently reading this book.. "You Can Make a Difference" by Tony Campolo.. interesting kasi... hehehehe

Sunday, April 15, 2007

the 11/7 academy!!!!!!

sa pagtatapos ng semester na 'to,, isang academy ang nabuo... (academy? nabuo? hmm..) hindi ba irony? nagtapos na ang pasukan,, may academy na nabuo... hehehe.. well,, 11/7 ang tawag dito.. isa itong "organization" na nabuo sa loob ng isang internet cafe.. lahat ng myembro nito ay mga SAEc students.. sa mga hindi nakakaalam kung ano ang SAEc,, School of Applied Economics.. Astig na department sa USEP.. hehehe.. syeembre,,, Taga dyan ako eh... heheheh.. back to the topic...... anyways.... almost everynyt na kc kaming suki dito sa playnet.. kaya naisipan naming bumuo ng isang grupo... and eventually,, naging academy kasi,, wala lang para sosyal... hehhe..

Saturday, April 14, 2007

WELCOME BACK!!!!!!!!!!

Grand Party for Agent Xmoimoi.. After nyang mawala ng almost 1 month cguro,?,, heto na xa! hehehehehe.. Grabeh,, sa wakas balik blog na namn ako.. muzta na? finally tapos na ang thesis ko.. hmm,, working paper na naman next week.. kasi ayaw ng adviser ko na maghintay lang ng graduation na walang ginagawa.. kaya hayun,, working paper na naman next week.. pro ayos lang,, sa wakas............Tapos na ang thesisssssssssssss,,,,,,,, yehey!!!!!!!!!!!