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Tuesday, April 29, 2008


finally i did it!! hehehe.. i finally bought a 1G microSd for my sister's fon.. hmm,, i hope she'll like it.. i thought it's expensive..but i was wrong.. i bought it for only Php 300.oo.. hmm... what else,,, think! think! think! ahhhh,, am,, tomorrow will be the last day of vacation of my two (2) little cousins in my hometown.. after spending almost a month in our poor little town, they will be leaving and prepare for their long and exciting student's life... torture again and again... hehhe.. but im sure they will enjoy their studies.. wala lang.. naisip ko lang.. hhehehe... and, ooh,, i'm just hoping that meggy will enjoy her stay in Manila after their short vacation in Hongkong with her family... Ingat meggy... and ohh... last one... COUNTDOWN for MAY 1!!!.. hahhahaah.. sana everyday is a holiday... hahahahaha


Saturday, April 26, 2008

i love holidays...

May 1 is fast approaching.. and i really love seeing holidays on calendar because it only means one thing---- REST! REST! REST! .. I could spend more time with my family in province and could escape from my weary yet exciting work.. hehehe.. only when holidays i could enjoy my youthful life.. sleep for more than 10 hours, watch tv shows, do chatting with my parents and siblings, cook for our meals and enjoy God's creation.. i missed the presence of my family.. especially the happenings in our town... hehhe.. kinda tsismoso.. as they have said, there's no place like HOME. and ohh.. i heard bad news lately.. one of my friends got pregnant.. and she's 4-month preggy.. tsk tsk.. no fix date yet regarding there wedding.. just hope everything will be fine.. basta MAY 1 is coming.. hehehe...


Friday, April 25, 2008


The Heart of ABS-CBN was transplanted to GMA.. I was really shocked when i found out that my hearty is now a KApuso.. though it really hurts but i must admit the reality that she's in the other network.. mapipilitan akong manood ng gma shows.. BUT only her show/s... (T_T)..

i was really down when i saw her interview in 24 ORAS... i don't know why i felt that way.. maybe because,, i'm soo attached to her.. feeling ko ako si echo.. hehehe.. maybe it's about time that GMA has an artist that is SMART, CLASSY, BEAUTIFUL AND BRAINY.. i just hope that nobody will hurt in my opinion.. this is just an opinion as a televiewer,, ABS-CBN talents are famous over GMA talents... in my own humble opinion....


Tuesday, April 22, 2008


whew,,,, every little decision you have to make nowadays must be related to investment,, they say... studies, job, marriage and blah blah blah are investments.. and yeah,, they're right.. sa panahon ngayon,, dapat daw manigurado.. but of course you have to be sure if that "INVESTMENT" is really an investment.. how would you know if it will last for a lifetime and someday we can benefit for it? here are some tips:

1. Know the background: whether if it's for job, businesses and marriage.. of course, when we say investment,, it has something to do with commitment.. you have to commit, if not time, it could be money and trust..

2. Know the management: especially for the businesses.. you have to know the people behind the company.. who knows, you have known these people in some social activities,.

3. Know the status: knowing the present condition (company) helps you decide whether you have to invest or not.

4. Know your interest: you have to be sure if that investment suits your interests..

5. Any suggestions for more tips? hehehe...


Monday, April 21, 2008


CWE stands for CREDIT WITH EDUCATION. our company offers not just loan privilege but education as well. since our clients are women, we are promoting women empowerment to somehow build their confidence and leadership traits. it is not the amount of loan that matters, but their willingness to learn and discover something about the company, policy and most importantly, social awareness. our company is considered as social entrepreneurship since we are engaged in some social activities,,, as what i have mentioned earlier-----WOMEN EMPOWERMENT! during their meetings, we are conducting lectures to educate them.. it's a fact that mostly, mothers are not exposed to the real world. their lives evolve on household chores and yeah,, up to that activity only.. hehehe.. through the help of C.W.E, they will gain knowledge and build camaraderie among other women. thus, it builds their confidence to interact with other people..


Sunday, April 6, 2008


good day guys... hmmmm,, since my last post was about relationship; i mean, girl-boy relationship, my poll question for today is somehow related to my last post.. i'm just really curious, how much are you willing to give to your present relationship as an assurance that you love them that much? hmmmm,, this question struck me when one of my friends confessed that she gave her virginity to her boyfriend just to express her love to him.. hmmm,, what a sacrifice isn't it... but i didn't condemn her for what she has done.. in the end, her decision matters most.. but what about you?,,,,,