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Monday, September 28, 2009

failure has always been my partner.... x(

hahaiii... for the nth time, i failed... i don't know what's my problem.. perhaps, this is not yet my time.. i took the opportunity to apply in one of the support units of CARD MRI,, the O and A unit. this unit is responsible to provide all the supplies and maintenance of whole MRI.. i had my interview or shall i say orientation.. kasi it was more on the orientation regarding the job responsibilities "if ever" matanggap ako.. though i don't expect that much pero andun parin yung hope na matanggap ako..


the only reason why i want to leave the operation, is because i want something new and something different. to be honest, i'm so tired of being here doing the daily routine. when you wake up in the morning, you're doing this and that, then encounter inconsiderate members, then follow up, then go to bed.. the next day, you're doing and experiencing same thing.. repetitive works make me sick... that's why i decided to apply in O and A..


i just knew from somewhere na may na hire na.. unfortunately hindi ako.. huhuhuhuhu.. kasamahan ko rin.. so sad...


at first, disappointed.. i said," na naman".. but i tried to see the positive side.. baka may iba pang plan si LOrd.. pero at the back of my mind,, why not me??????.. ganyan lang siguro ang buhay..

this is what my manager said.. he said,, kaya siguro hindi ako natanggap kasi for promotion na daw.. pero promotion is not a big deal to me.. same lang naman ang trabaho ng manager sa katulad namin.. mag differ lang talaga sa position at konting difference sa sahod.. pero if it is the reason why i did not make it to O and A,, okay be it..

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