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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

my dcs sony s750 is no longer functioning

im quite sad when my sister informed me last night that my digicam is no longer useful.. when she turned it on, nothing will appear on the LCD but a black and blurry monitor.. haahhahiz... need to buy new but don't know when.. need to save more money.. hahahaiiiizzz...

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Sunday, September 12, 2010

24th year of existence (birthday ko)

month to go, and it's my birthday.. my 24th year of existence in this world.. hehehe.. i just want to post this one.. (parody on the answer of Ms. Venus Raj during the 2010 miss universe pageant..)

Friend: moi, what is the biggest gift that you have received apart from the life that God has given you?

Moi: thank you for that wonderful question friend.. good day bloggers.. you know what friend, in my 24 years of existence, i am not so proud that i never received any major major, i mean biggest gift in my entire life.. and i am just so thankful for the love that my family and friends has been given to me.

Friend: tagam... hahaahah

anyway, my birthday will be on octobedr 17 this year.. if you have time and money,, ahhaah,, you may start sending your gifts on or before my birthday at

Door 2 Carredo Bldg.,
Magallanes st., Davao City

hope this will work para may gift naman aku.. hahhahaha

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