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Thursday, June 26, 2008

im coming back...

it's almost a month when i had my last update on my blog.. grrrr.. i tried so many times but failed to make a post.. for almost a month, i have so many stories to tell.. first, i was a riot victim.. harharhar.. i was actually looking for a food somewhere in BUCANA DAvao city for a snack.. suddenly, i felt something that hits my leg..when i turned my head on my back, i saw group of teenagers throwing stones against each other.. at first, i thought it was just nothing. but few minutes later, i felt the pain and was traumatized by what had happened. second, for the first time in my entire life, i was in a jail............. yeah,, in a jail..... to visit my member who commited a violation of selling illegal drugs.. again, i was traumatized due to the strictness of the security.. i was forced to visit her to hand her resignation letter to formally resign her from the group.. in short, she's no longer a CARD member.. hehehe.. pero kawawa po talaga sya... third, i was invited in my bestfriend's wedding as one of the groom's men.. i thought she won't invite us.. but she did.. hehehe.. i am running out of words already on how to express my thoughts.. nyahhahaha..


Tuesday, June 10, 2008


i got this idea from my email. anyway this is for the benefit of everybody that's why i posted this in my blog.. check this out..

Forwarded from: "Antonio Ivan Aguirre"

Dear All,

I appreciate that this story was brought up. I am very much familiar with this modus operandi (M.O.) as i have investigated dozens of such cases.

May I recommend the following:

a) First basic rule: never talk to a stranger. In public places, just refer them to the information counter and cut the conversation. While we are expected to be courteous and polite to everyone, we should keep a safe distance from anybody we don't know despite of claims.

The M.O. of the Salisi Gang, Budolbudol Gang, Ativan Gang,etc. emanated from their exploitation of the Filipino culture of hospitality and respect. They usually profile the victims and seize the initiative when they notice the vulnerability on that area.

b) Second, any deliberate physical contact by a stranger is considered a violation which should be immediately warded off and reported. Get out of the situation asap. Usually, they operate in groups and have assigned roles in victimizing their targets. If you are in a public place alone try to scan around people going near you. Every stranger is a potential "bad guy". Don't take a chance.

c) If you are strolling or simply just taking your time off in malls, be aware of your surroundings and ensure that there are public safety officers where you can report any suspicious person or activity. A public place is always a fertile area for crime and fraud.

d) Lastly, while in a public place always carry the motto "DTA" --- Don't Trust Anybody"

Hope the foregoing helps.

In Him,

Tony Aguirre


tsk tsk tsk..
just hope that we learned something from this reminder..


Friday, June 6, 2008

one of my favorites

i just wanna share it with you guys.. i love this song very much. it was sang by my friend during our barkada night. since then, i keep on falling in love everytime i listen to this song.. nakssssssssss naman.. hahaha... seriously, i really love this song..


IN MY ABSENCE.............

for almost a week of not making post here in my blog,, a lot of things happened that really upset me. one of which was my interview "supposedly" at City Hall of Davao. But then i have to make a decision whether to work or attend the interview. Actually i made a plan night before the interview. But then, our manager didn't permit me to leave from work or else, i will be terminated from work. so what i did, i conducted a weekly meeting with my members and tried to go after the meeting. sad to say, i didn't make it. too late for the interview.. (*sigh*).. perhaps it'not really for me. someone deserves it than i.....


Sunday, June 1, 2008


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